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On March 10, eight members of the World Food Programme family tragically died in the plane crash in Ethiopia. The Executive Director told colleagues: "They are the role models not just for us at WFP, but also for the world. People are alive today because of them - this is what we must carry forward!"

Maria Pilar Buzzetti, a young, rising professional who worked in the World Food Programme's headquarters, was among them. Pilar was passionately devoted to WFP's mission - in her role as Accommodation Manager, she helped ensure that her colleagues who work on the frontline of humanitarian emergencies would get enough rest in safe and comfortable places. She formed a strong bond with her colleagues in the field through this work.

During her time with WFP, Pilar traveled to Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia, and saw the impact of her work first-hand.

100% of donations for this fundraiser will support ongoing shared meals that will help with feeding and child nutrition operations in the countries where Pilar had traveled to.

If you want to learn more, download the app developed by the United Nations at and search for Los Peques de Pilar.

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