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“Those children need us,” Pilar kept saying. Her mission was to help African children and to do it at the forefront of all else. Now there is a ploughed ground started with care and passion which is producing its first sprouting buds. Pilar’s furrow is deep and fruitful and now requires sustenance for its crop to flourish. This gesture of charity is like a drop in the sea. A sea is made by many drops. Please help Pilar to accomplish her dream in Africa by donating today to “Los Peques de Pilar”.


Many thanks for this gesture of love, we will soon become a big ocean.


To donate, download the app Share the Meal from the App Store, go to "Explore" and you will find the Los Peques de Pilar project there 🌻

If you don't have the app, you can click here:

Donate whatever you can, even 2€! It's so little for us, but it's huge for them 🙏

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